Monday, 19 December 2016

The Trip Out 2017

A new poster for The Trip Out 2017, which is in a brand new place – more info here: (I also made the craaaazy website)

Friday, 29 April 2016

Charivari Day

Every year Folkestone is turned into Rio for the annual Charivari Day street carnival. This year is its 20th year - I've been doing the posters for the last 10ish years I think. This year the theme of the carnival is "vintage seaside" so I decided this was the only way to go!

The Hot Rod Hayride

I drew this design for a T shirt for this year's Hot Rod Hayride festival. It was drawn on paper with a permanent marker, and then coloured on the computer. The yellow one is for a sticker. 

The Higher State

 Here's a fun job! A 12"  cover for The Higher State's new album (which I also played drums on, but that's incidental).

The Trip Out 2016

This year's poster for The Trip Out festival.

Carters Steam Fair

Each year I do lots of different designs for Carters in addition to the normal shop bills and website. These are two of the extra jobs from last year.

Ma Polaine's Great Decline

I designed this 10" record cover for Ma Polaine's Great Decline, using this beautiful cracked tile from their fireplace as a basis.

Tankus the Henge

A couple of CD covers for Tankus the Henge's EPs.

The Folkestone Living Advent Calendar

At Christmas Jim Jam Arts made a great, life-size advent calendar out of Folkestone. Each night at 6pm a different door in the town would open to reveal a performance. I designed and illustrated this actual advent calendar to be given out to the audiences, showing each of the doors.

Fajita Fridays!

Poster for The Chambers bar/restaurant in Folkestone - Fajita Fridays!