Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tankus the Henge

I've just made this poster for apocalyptic carnival rock'n'rollers Tankus the Henge for their residency in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival. If you're in town, check em out...

Intrepid adventures

My mate Andy Baldwin is a fantastic, inventive sculptor who makes machines as sculpture. Some of his work can be seen on his website here. For the last couple of years he's been building himself a boat, and a few weeks ago he set off on an epic single-handed journey in it across the Atlantic, where he would convert the boat into a land-lubbing vehicle and drive it across Canada.

Unfortunately Canada decided they didn't really want a madman holding up all the traffic in a walking boat, so he's now hoping to drive it around Iceland's highway 1 instead.

This design is what I made for the nameplates of his boat - unfortunately I haven't got any great photos of the boat itself.

Coming soon!

Littleboy's vintage funfair, and website... watch this space.

Carters Steam Fair in Weston Super Mare!

I did these three posters for Carters in Weston Super Mare this summer - if you're in the area you'd better get down there and claim your half price rides before 1pm!!

Ice cool!

I have just been working on a series of illustrations of this polar bear for a large company. He digs sustainability baby...

Hot Rod Hayride

We had a great time at the Hot Rod Hayride this year! Anna Porter asked me to paint a trophy for the best hot rod, so I did this little blingy number on glass... I'm not sure who won it in the end, but there were so many amazing cars there I wouldn't have liked the job of choosing!