Sunday, 19 June 2011

Jet Generation

A little poster for Guitar Wolf - if you're anywhere near Islington anywhere near 8 July, make sure you're there to witness 'em

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ha-ha me hearties!

The Pirate Party in the Park...

Do pirates eat cucumber sandwiches? This is the definitive proof that they do.

Where the hart is

I made this hart's head for Strange Cargo, working in Aveley Primary School, Essex. The head was cast in plaster, and then moulded in papier mache to create a carnival costume that can be worn on the head.


I made this (rather wobbly!) sign late one night for our great friend Jon Free, who makes incredible guitars out of tins. It's painted and gilded on the back of a piece of glass...

Behind bars

Drink me...

This poster is for an event which will transform a park into Wonderland for an afternoon. The amphitheatre and 'zig zag path' are features of the park. I wanted to make it a bit reminiscent of John Tenniel's original illustrations...
Had a lot of fun adding little bits to it for kids to notice...

We are the Champions

Danny and his Champs got in touch asking for a two colour screenprint poster to sell at his show at the Borderline...

 It was a good challenging one to make, two colour separations need more thinking about than usual. They then asked me to adapt it to be used as a sleeve for a promotional single...

Stick it to me, baby!!

More stickers... There must be a bit of a craze on at the moment! Starting with Chas from The Mushroom Shed (brief: "Can I have a mushroom wearing a helmet, with a tache and bugger's grips?")

Then there's Rowan and his hard-ass unsprung hero… thanks SO much for the rings R!! This goes some small way towards repaying you...

And then there's Mr Stansfield, my favourite North Yorkshireman... and some very good advice about proper maintenance:


I made this label/logo for Mark Purcell, tailor extraordinaire and one of the leading lights behind the Stay Sick club in Birmingham


A sticker that I made for Mr. Lee Dawg Esq. and Mr. Stevie Esq. over at Low Level Hell

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Greasy stickers

I made these stickers for Guy of Greasy Kulture magazine - he drew a great sketch for the wolf, so I can't take credit for that one!


I found this old drawing in a drawer the other day... not sure what the significance of the subject matter was, but sticky buns are good.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Kick out the jams!

Stewed practicing in our house, 1996 - L-R Mole, Tim Ray & Simo

They were a thrilling live band - loud and intense; everything got thrown, smashed, climbed on and played the hell out of. They would practice in our little terraced house at gig volume in our downstairs bedroom, and I used to sit upstairs trying to stop things vibrating off the shelves.

Big Daddy

Licker paint and some gold leaf