Monday, 4 February 2013

A few more fair bits...

Some more things I've made for Carters Steam Fair. They're getting prepared for the new season now…

Fête des Lumières de Cheriton

This is a postcard featuring a logo I made for a lantern parade / sculptural bonfire / fireworks spectacular being held in the small Kentish town of Cheriton at the end of the month. This job also had to be translated into French, which was a bit of a challenge with the logo! I will be making a Nepali version too.

The word on the street…

Here's a poster wot I made for a drama company who are providing free drama and playwriting workshops.

Heavy, maaaaan

This is a logo I made for a friend of mine who's starting a social enterprise business working with young people to train them in hands-on skills - right up my street!

The Trip Out 2013

This is the poster for this year's Trip Out weekender - hot rods, customs, bikes, 60s garage punk... what more could you desire?

Beth & the Black Cat Bones

I've just made this CD cover and banner for the soul band Beth and the Black Cat Bones - check them out here

Fenland Choppers

I made this stylised headlamp logo a few weeks back for Joe at Fenland Choppers

Polar printing


Never before (I think) has a polar bear been responsible for telling people how to use their printers most economically and with the least environmental impact. Here he is in action (for SGS Ltd)…

Other People's Photographs book

I've not posted on here for AGES - mainly because I've been so busy, which is good cos it means I have lots to report. In October I was mainly working on this:

I'm really pleased with how it's come out. Other People's Photographs is a public art project by arts company Strange Cargo which involved collecting photographs of people outside in the streets of Folkestone. The result is basically a town's family album, with photographs ranging from 1895 to 2007. This beautiful quality (thanks to the fantastic people at RCS print) coffee table book has 715 of them with the stories provided by their owners, together for the first time, and many of them full page so you can really see the detail.

Anyone into the history of photography, or the social history of English seaside towns, should get a copy - available by contacting Strange Cargo.