Friday, 1 July 2011

Folkestone Triennial

Well, it's the Folkestone Triennial now, till September - an enormous international public art show in the town. Hew Locke rang and asked me to paint some names on some boats... of course, I said. They are on a flotilla of ships hanging from the ceiling of St Mary and St Eanswythe, the parish church, 'For all at peril on the sea'...

 The resulting piece is really spectacular. If you fancy hols by the sea you could do a lot worse than come to Folkestone and explore these places…

It wasn't the easiest job I've ever done, painting freehand on swaying boats while lying down on scaffolding that jiggled every time people walked past. "This must have been how Michelangelo felt…" I thought… except he had considerably more talent and fewer ships, obviously.

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