Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Careless Talk etc...

I have just designed this poster for JimJam Arts who are putting on a series of events in Folkestone this summer. They asked me to make this poster for an upcoming street festival involving various performers all over town. Their initial slogan - "Keep it under your hat" reminded me of Fougasse's famous "Careless talk costs lives" posters, so I decided to do it in honour of him.

JimJam decided that the "Keep it under your hat" slogan wasn't really working - "Word on the Street" is the name of the festival, so it was contradicting itself a bit. So they asked me to make a new poster:

This one features a few loony performers, and it's more inkeeping with the other posters I've made for them in the past - some of my favourites, in fact:

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