Monday, 4 November 2013

Joby's signwriting courses

I've just finished making this site for Joby Carter, who is one of the best traditional signwriters now practicing in the country. Joby runs fantastic 5-day intensive courses at the Carters Steam Fair yard near Maidenhead - there's one being booked now for February.
 The course covers design and layout, brushwork, lining, shading and much more, and you get to take your piece home at the end of the week - and it's a good laugh too! Highly recommended - check it out here.

Joby was also recently featured on a nice little piece by the BBC.


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  2. Practising!
    S for the verb, c for the noun.
    Same as license/licence and advise/advice.
    Worth getting right if you're a signwriter, designer or whatever!