Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New book! Crazy Odge: Confessions of an Esoteric Engineer

Well, it's been two (or perhaps nearly three) years in the making, but now it's here! This book has it all: engineering, mechanics, punk rock, hot rods, girls, drugs, mechanics, politics, racing, mental health, mechanics, magazine publishing, mechanics, bikes, freedom and mechanics.

For those who don't know him, Odgie is an enigmatic character. A genius bike and car builder, full of creative and unique ideas, he's made his name in the underground world of custom classic vehicles. As a drag-racer he made his name as the rider of the Pink Triumph, the fastest of its kind. As a drummer he played a part in the beginnings of Punk in Manchester in the 1970s. As a journalist he made his name as the forthright editor of Back Street Heroes and AWOL magazines. As a writer and photographer he has made a name for himself with his excellent step-by-step build articles showing his unique approach to engineering and inspiring thousands over the years. As a friend he's funny and charming and generous and supportive. And, most importantly, as an author of this great book, he's entertaining, humorous, candid, honest, laugh-out-loud funny and downright brilliant. So you'd better do yourselves a favour and buy it!

You can get it on ebay here

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  1. Just ordered one, look forward to the read and your artwork.