Sunday, 28 November 2010


Here's a few little bike jobs - starting with one of my faves. Simo's 1931 HD VL bobber, I wrote the numberplate and striped it in gold - it's a great, workin' smokin' beast.
Lettering on Nathan Jaggard's great Sporty, built by Pete from Chops'n'Bobbers. The brief was to give it a subtle, industrial fire extinguisher look...
Another Sportster, this time Dern's - pinstriped tank and guards...
Simo's Bonnie, Dirty Bird, lettered and striped...
It's always good to have a mate who will let you doodle on his prized possessions!
Last one - a bit of striping on Simo's Triumph Trophy, after the extremely wet and treacherous journey to the dirt track at the Hot Rod Hayride one year!

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