Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Self promotion - the old way

I don't get the opportunity very often to paint the kind of signs I love - that is, proper old-school signwriting, block and shadow, decoration for the fun of it, etc. My mum kindly allowed me to fix this sign to her barn overlooking the Llangollen Canal - it's a very fitting place for this kind of sign.
I did it for fun really, and I've only ever had one person contact me from it (asking me to do some lining on his Velocette).  It's gold leaf and enamel on steel.


  1. I love this work Scarlett. Recently I viewed an old '61 farm lorry for a customer. The sign writing, tho faded, was so nice. They had a particular way of denoting the block shade that was perfect on every letter. I think there is evidence of of gold leaf too. All on an old farm hay truck.
    B W to you. Eric